Manhunt Men’s Ministry


Community Men’s Forum

Helping men become the husbands, fathers, business professionals and community leaders they are destined to be has been the passion of Bishop-Elect Blue for years. Manhunt is the product of this passion. It is a community initiative for men who will take on the challenge of leadership–personally and in our community. It is about finding what so many have lost–their identity, a sense of value, purpose and creativity.

Manhunt Mission

  • To provide a community forum for men to address the social, economic and educational imbalances that exist in communities.
  • To improve the lives of men/fathers by providing the skills necessary to overcome personal, relational and career setbacks.

  • Increase access for men/fathers to educational assistance, job training and competitive skill acquisition.

The Search Is On…

  • For men of vision, faith and character.

  • For men who have overcome struggles, beat the odds, and achieved (or are progressing toward) their goals.

  • For men who will serve the community, advance the cause of fatherhood, education, and employment equality.

  • For men who will leverage their skill, resources, and influence to make another man’s dreams become a reality.


the 33 series the 33 2


As a ministry, Manhunt is currently walking through The 33 Series which is a video series that explores the basic foundations of Authentic Manhood and God’s clear design for men. Starting with meaningful insights into the current state of manhood. It is designed designed to help men navigate through the manhood realities that often create cultural confusion. It follows by unfolding God’s manhood mandates for all men and offering a clear definition of Authentic Manhood that helps men on their journey. 

In Proverbs 27;17 it says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Manhunt Men’s Ministry is putting this principle into practice by creating a community of men who hold each other accountable and raising them up to be men who lead our families and communities.