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Hope Strategies Coaltion is an extension of Hope Strategies, Inc. It is a group of programs that partner with Hope Strategies, Inc. to accomplish work in the San Antonio Community.

Young Offender’s Program (Y.O.P)
Vision: To enable young men and women 16-21 years old to rediscover their direction in life and to empower them with tools to ensure success.
The Y.O.P. Program provides:

  • 4-day intensive retreat
  • 3 month Life Skills Follow Up Program

LIVING FREE: An HIV/AIDS & Testing Program
Vision: To enable women to love themselves enough to respond proactively to the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS.
The LIVING FREE Program provides:

  • Quarterly Women’s Luncheon on a variety of women’s health and emotional issues.
  • HIV/AIDS Testing
  • Empowerment and Awareness sessions conducted at various shelters.

Greatness International

  • 3 day Intensive retreat
  • Scholarship program
  • 1 year one – on -one mentoring

Family Affairs
Vision: To assist families that are in crisis and provide intervention to help restore them through counseling, family mentoring and family play.
The Family Affairs Program provides:

  • Two-day family retreat
  • Family mentoring
  • Six-month follow up program

Teaching Individuals Through United Support Services (T.I.T.U.S.S.)
Vision: To assist single women that are in crisis and provide intervention to help restore them through one-on-one mentoring and life coaching.
The T.I.T.U.S.S Program provides:

  • 12 sessions on food preparation
  • 4 sessions on confidence building
  • 12 life-coaching sessions
  • Education assistance

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