ELEVATE Youth Ministries

Elevate YouthMinistries


ELEVATE Youth Ministries is a vibrant group of young leaders and mentors in the San Antonio, TX community. The focus of peer leadership, a next level initiative, promotes the mentality of elevated thinking prepares youth for success as they move on in life. We believe that assisting young people to achieve their full potential is the best way to prevent them from engaging in risky adolescent behaviors which can endanger their futures. The self-confidence, trust, and practical knowledge that young people will gain from these opportunities help them grow into healthy, happy, self-sufficient adults.

Elevate functions as advocates of positive relationships among peers; emphasizing individual strengths and talents, provoking each individual in ways that encourages and builds confidence by taking leadership roles in the community. As mentors to a younger group , they provide wisdom and support, a connection of being in touch with the current trends of popular culture where their influences has great reward in decision making. In the same way as peer leaders in the community, they are able to motivate others to see past the current hurdles of senseless adolescent behavior to a mindset of “if I can…so can you”! In the past four years, we have seen Elevate members in high school all graduate, receive college scholarships, and currently finishing their degrees.

In summary we are multi-faceted program that help kids grow into mature and successful adults. We desire to promote youth development in a positive way, helping them to become future leaders in their communities and valuable assets to United States of America.